Once we’ve established that we plan to work together, here is the basic process that lies ahead of us to complete your dream home.

Our Process

  1. Establish Preliminary Plans
    • Discuss your project in depth
    • Set up a budget
    • Establish a time frame
  2.  Make Selections
    • Select Finishes (Fixtures, Electrical, Plumbing, Counter-tops, etc.)
    • Make design choices
    • Contract Signing 
  3.  Begin Construction
    • This is where your project takes shape
  4.  Finishing Touches
    • Preliminary walk-through
    • Final steps of construction
    • Home and duct work cleaning  
  5. Project Completion
    • Final walk-through
    • Project Closing date

Feel free to contact us regarding any additional questions you many have about your home project or build. This is a basic model of what happens during a home renovation or build, because every project is unique. We would love to meet with you and discuss what your home project would like look. 

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