Valley Construction - Interior Designer Omaha, NE

Valley Construction

Remodel Process

Phase 1


We come over for a site visit.


Once you sign a design contract, one of our preferred interior designers sets up an initial design consult.


You design your dream space and begin making selections.

Phase 2

Planning & Bidding

Once we receive your deposit you are entered into our queue.


All tradesmen necessary visit your home and we begin compiling your bid.


We begin reaching out to all tradesmen to secure an efficient timeline that will be shared with you.

Phase 3


A majority of selections need to be finalized prior to your start date.


We prep the space to minimize the mess and protect areas of the home not included in construction.


We meet with you regularly to ensure we are addressing any concerns and answering questions.

Final Phase


Final Walkthrough


We meet in person to walk-through the space!