With record flooding taking place last Friday, and mandatory evacuations occurring over the weekend. You or someone you may know, might have extensive water damage throughout your basement or first floor. Coming home to a flooded can be an emotional and overwhelming experience, but here are the main things to consider when you’re ready to repair your home.

1. Beware of Mold
• To ensure that mold has been properly removed from you home, at least 18” of drywall above the waterline needs to be removed.
• After wet materials have been taken out, you will need a mold removal specialist to come and spray your home to prevent mold from spreading. This process can take up to two weeks to dry depending on weather conditions and humidity.

2. Properly Air Out your Home
• Although the main level or upper level of your home were not flooded it’s important to open windows, doors and use fans to air out your home
• Be sure to wait before turning on electrical appliances to allow time for condensation that might still be your machines to dry

3. Be Wary of Out-of-state Contractors
• Due to the amount of homes flooding, traveling contractors will use this opportunity to come in and take advantage of families trying to get back into their homes.
• Out -of-state contractors will typically offer warranties but won’t be in town when you begin to have issues